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The home, not guns, is what needs reform

  • Gun related violence is a cultural problem, not a gun control problem. The US has always, from it's inception, been a violent culture. Consider Switzerland and gun control. Every male in Switzerland, when 20 years of age, is required to join the nation's paramilitary force and each man is issued a fully automatic assault rifle (known colloquially here in the US as a machine gun). Over 400,000 Swiss have these fully automatic weapons; that's about 5% of their population. The US has over 300,000,000 people to Switzerland's 8,000,000, but it's a safe bet the Swiss have more fully automatic weapon owners than we do. Why is this worthy of note? It is important because the Swiss, with all these machine guns readily available, almost never commit crimes with them. If a proliferation of firearms is the reason for gun violence, then why is the homicide rate involving firearms not extremely high for the Swiss?

    Sudan has a firearm ownership rate of 5.5 firearms per 100 people. Mexico has a firearm ownership rate of 15 firearms per 100 people. In the US, the ownership rate is 88 firearms per 100 people, highest in the world.

    Guess which of the three nations named above have the higher homicide rates?

  • Why does it have to be drivel? That's what gets me about liberals such as yourself. You think it is fine to spew your liberal, atheist agenda but if someone dares mention God then you resort to pejorative dismissals. What makes his contention any less valid than your own? ACLU mudslinging at its best.

    The OP simply stated that the violence in our country has less to do with the guns themselves and more to do with a larger overall decline in the nuclear family and morality in general. It is a sound argument. I agree that assault weapons have no place amongst private citizens. However, Jared Loughner gunned down dozens in Tuscon using a Glock 9mm handgun which no one could misconstrue as an assault weapon. Whether you like it or not the Constitution of the United States of America explicitly protects private ownership of guns (Don't give me the weak militia argument. That is widely refuted). We can debate whether that should include any and all guns, but a complete ban is out of the question.

    In returning to the original point of the thread, I concur with the OP that a strengthening of the family would accomplish infinitely more in terms of violent crime than any constitutionally sound gun control could. Granted, the former is much more difficult to obtain than the latter.

  • foteen

    So you'd rather make 85% of the population which are Christian uncomfortable so we dont hurt the feelings of the 15%? Yeah, that makes total sense!

  • foteen

    Atheists do not make up 20% not even close. More like 5%. 80% Christian, 15% non-Christian religions, 5% atheist. Australia may be 20% atheist, but the U.S. isnt.

  • I had no idea our fanbase contains so many Constitutional scholars. We truly are the best fanbase in the country. biggrin

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